Preparing For Another Baby

Preparing For Another Baby

It’s interesting how we can feel incredibly confident and comfortable as a mother and then once a new baby is on the horizon, panic and questioning starts to kick in. You know the children you have already given birth to, cared for, and loved. The new baby will naturally bring new questions, thoughts, and obstacles. 


We have the PERFECT course for you! 

Our Refresher Birth Course was made for you mama! In this course you will begin by reviewing the birth process, stages of labor, anatomy & physiology of birth and laboring positions. During week two, we will discuss coping with pain during labor, breathing exercises, support person exercises, transition, and how to push during labor. 


Once we cover the basics of labor, we will delve into what to expect when the unexpected happens. Many moms go into labor with a very specific plan in mind, but this is where we learn and grow! We will set you up for a positive birth experience no matter what happens. We will also review information about VBAC, epidurals, vacuums, and C-sections.


The “Fourth” Trimester

Once the baby arrives, it is imperative that new mothers have a plan in place to take care of themselves. The last week of the course goes over everything you need to know to care for your postpartum mind and body. Are you wanting some extra help with breastfeeding? Extend your education and get a full fledged course that will guide you through breastfeeding your little one!