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Not Your Grandma's Birth Class

Madeline and Liza met a couple years ago working together at a freestanding birth center. They became fast friends while discussing the latest news in evidence-based birth over entirely too sweet coffee during clinic and made a compassionate birth team on their shared Sunday call shifts.

Our birth class is fun, fast paced, entertaining, and informative. Our content is created and taught by a Certified Nurse Midwife and an RN-IBCLC. We will give you all the knowledge and tools you need to have a positive, empowering birth!


My partner and I loved Liza & Madeline’s birth classes! We felt so prepared and educated when we would go see our providers at the hospital with questions we never thought to ask them.
Student D.S. who had unmedicated hospital birth with a doula

Reasons to take a birth course

The best way to “go with the flow” of your unique childbirth experience is to educate yourself on all the possibilities first!

  • Knowledge is power regardless of your birth setting

  • Decreases chances of unnecessary medical interventions

  • Teach you and your partner how to advocate for yourself to your medical team

  • Boosts confidence in own body and birthing process

  • Helps prepare partner to be the best labor support

  • Empowers you to own your birth

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