A Little About Us

Madeline and Liza met a couple years ago working together at a freestanding birth center. They became fast friends while discussing the latest news in evidence-based birth over entirely too sweet coffee during clinic and made a compassionate birth team on their shared Sunday call shifts.

Madeline and Liza love working together almost as much as they love all things women’s health, pregnancy, birth, and beyond, so they decided to start this business. They felt that pregnancy and childbirth educational options were lacking. Existing classes were either too biased towards one set of beliefs, or not evidence based enough, and overall, just not down to earth enough for what they believe expectant parents deserved.

Bringing their knowledge and experience as hospital birth workers, out of hospital birth providers, and lactation education specialists they created a comprehensive childbirth course that is sure to fit every birthing person’s needs.

This is 100% not your grandma’s class and they hope it feels like you’re hanging out with your two best birth friends where no subject is off the table!

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