How To Support Your Breastfeeding Partner

How To Support Your Breastfeeding Partner

Breastfeeding Baby

Women are given the beautiful ability to feed their children with their own bodies. Oftentimes the other parent feels helpless and struggles with the idea that they are not able to nurture their child in the same way. If you are experiencing this struggle in your family, we have great news! You can help support your breastfeeding partner throughout the entire process. The overall success of the mother’s breastfeeding journey can be greatly enhanced by having a helpful and supportive spouse.

Help Your Spouse Breastfeed

We have some great ways for you to help your spouse! Before the baby arrives, educate yourself on breastfeeding and what to expect in the first few days. Setting expectations is vital, especially if this is your first baby. We also highly encourage couples to join a breastfeeding class together! You can sign up for ours here. Once the baby is born, share your breastfeeding plan with each other and have conversations about how you’ll manage it as a family. Also, moms and dads both should hold the baby skin to skin between feedings.

Moms work hard to feed baby, so we also highly recommend that parents take turns soothing, changing, dressing, cuddling, and burping your baby. Moral support goes a long way- make sure to tell her you’re proud of her and that she’s doing a good job. Try to do something special for her. Assist mom when she’s breastfeeding in public! Those first few times could be challenging, so having your support will make things more comfortable for both her and baby.

We hope these tips on how to support your breastfeeding partner helped out. To learn more tips, sign up for our Comprehensive Birth Course & make sure to follow us on Instagram.