Welcome to the New & Improved Bed Birth & Beyond

Welcome to the New & Improved Bed Birth & Beyond

Welcome to the new and improved Bed Birth & Beyond website! When you visit our site you have access to everything you need to know about birth, motherhood, and beyond! We want to be an invaluable resource for all family members to better understand the process of creating and maintaining the lives of our little ones.

NEW Breastfeeding Class Bundle

Breastfeeding your newborn is a fantastic way to nourish them and heal your own body as well, but it can have its fair share of challenges. We have a brand new breast feeding course available for any mommy to be, current newborn mom, or prospective parent. This course is taught by an RN IBCLC and CNM who has real life experience with breastfeeding her own children. There is nothing more reassuring than getting support from a fellow mom who also has the medical expertise.


FREE Resources

Here on our site you are able to download a FREE Birth Plan, a “Questions to Ask Your Provider form, and a Diaper Count tracker! All three of these items are vital in different stages of pregnancy and parenthood. Not sure what to ask your doctor about at the next check up? Get prepared now by printing or digitally saving expertly pre-designed questions that will be important for you to know the answers to. Not sure what a Birth plan should look like? Use our guidance to create the right plan for you! When the baby arrives, it is very useful to track dirty diapers to ensure they are developing appropriately. There’s no better way to track than with our free printable diaper count sheet.

Are you an existing customer looking to login? Head on over our new classes portal at http://courses.bedbirthbeyond.com/