How to Make Labor Go Faster & Reduce Tearing

How to Make Labor Go Faster & Reduce Tearing

Many soon to be Mom’s have fear of long labor and painful tearing. Although there isn’t a guaranteed way to keep these things from happening, there are definitely preventative measures you can take to make the process as smooth as possible.

How to shorten labor

Being physically active during your pregnancy has many benefits, including preparing your body for a shorter labor. When your body is balanced and you practice stretching as part of your daily routine, you will be more physically prepared for your little one to arrive. Doing lunges, and more specifically side lunges, strengthens your pelvic floor and can move your baby into an ideal birthing position.

How to reduce tearing during labor

The thought of tearing during labor is scary for moms who are approaching their due date. Our comprehensive birthing class is great for expecting Moms and can ease a lot of fear around childbirth. There are many things you can implement in your day that will help keep the elasticity in your body and avoid tearing. Doing kegels can help prepare your body for labor, and for some people doing gentle perineal massage can also help. However, the perineal massage is not always necessary and is completely dependent on your comfort level. One of the best ways to prepare your body for your child’s entrance into the world is doing pelvic floor openers and relaxation poses such as: cat and cow pose, making hip circles, and rocking lunges. Finding a local prenatal yoga class can be a great way to prepare your body and meet other pregnant mamas! Another way to reduce tearing during birth is to be very intentional about your pushing and not push when it is not necessary or the right time.

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