Finding Strength & Self Confidence As a New Mom

Finding Strength & Self Confidence As a New Mom

Just like everything else in life, there is no perfect way to be a parent. There are going to be endless moments where you question your actions, decisions, and how you care for your child. Something that you have to remember is- your journey as a mother is YOURS! You are on an imperfect journey and you have to let go of your mistakes. Although family members may be giving you endless advice or stories about how they parented their children, ultimately it is up to you and you have to try your best to stay confident and be true to yourself in the process.


Fears About Breastfeeding & Formula

Is there a member of your family who insists you must use formula or you absolutely have to breastfeed? This decision is yours and yours alone. Formula is a great way to nourish your child. You have to follow your heart and listen to your body to make the best decision for you and your little one. Are you considering breastfeeding but have nervous feelings about how successful it will be? Check out our breastfeeding course to hear from the experts!


Transitioning Into Motherhood

This transition is HUGE and can make people feel very isolated, fearful, and anxious. It is extremely important to make sure you’re….

– Unfollowing social media accounts that make you feel bad or less than

– Not googling every little thing about your child- this can be very scary and often times for no reason

– Going to counseling even if you’re not sure if you need it

– Seeking out support groups

– Getting lactation support

– Giving your baby all of the love, cuddles and attention that you want- you cannot spoil your newborn!

– Getting sleep when you can

– Asking for help

Most importantly, being a parent is beautiful but it’s also exhausting. There will be moments where you enjoy your babies and your heart is full, and also moments where you are literally just trying to survive. It’s ok mama! You’re doing great!